1. What does VietCham Singapore do? 

VietCham Singapore strives to promote the business interests of our Members and facilitate bilateral commercial activities between Vietnam and Singapore, and to represent our Members in cooperation with other external parties. Our activities include, but are not limited to, the following: 

      • Organise business related forums, seminars, meets-up and networking events; 
      • Organise industry-specific working groups for Members and relevant stakeholders 
      • Facilitate business connections among Members as well as with other partners;
      • Establish, maintain, and foster relationship with other business groups, organisations, associations and government agencies, in consideration of the best interests of our Members.


2. Is VietCham Singapore a for-profit or non-profit organisation? 

VietCham Singapore, like other official trade associations and chambers of commerce, is a  non-profit organisation. We are incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee, which is an official legal structure for non-profit organisations in Singapore (please refer to http://docs.lawsociety.org.sg/Legal-info-charities/index.php/getting-started/types-of-legal-structures/a-clg-or-society-or-trust). Therefore, our non-profit nature is guaranteed by law. 


3. Who runs VietCham Singapore?  

VietCham Singapore is a Member-driven organisation. At our General Meetings, Members elect the Board of Directors to represent them and lead the organisation. The Board of Directors will subsequently appoint the Chief Executive of VietCham. The daily operations of the organisation are run by the Executive Committee, headed by the Chief Executive. For more information, please refer to our organisational structure


4. Who can be Members of VietCham Singapore? 

Pursuant to our Constitution, membership of VietCham Singapore are open to any individuals, organisations or corporations with economic or business interest related to Singapore or Vietnam, who agree with the objectives of VietCham, and satisfy the qualifications and criteria for membership determined by the Board of Directors. 


5. Can non-Vietnamese persons and non-Vietnamese companies join VietCham Singapore? Is there any limit to their rights as Members? 

Yes, VietCham Singapore is international in our character. Subject to provisions of the laws and our Constitution, our membership are open to persons of all races and nationalities, and companies and organisations of all nationalities, as long as you agree with the objectives of VietCham, and satisfy the qualifications and criteria for membership determined by the Board of Directors. Once being admitted as Members, all Members are equal in their right and responsibility to the chamber. 


6. Is VietCham Singapore affiliated with any government agencies? 

No, VietCham Singapore, like most international chambers of commerce in Singapore, is an independent association, incorporated under and governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore. We are not affiliated with any government agencies (both in Vietnam and Singapore). 


For the best business interests of our Members, we do work closely with various government agencies of both countries. We are grateful to the Vietnam Embassy in Singapore for their generous support to our activities since our establishment. 


7. Is VietCham Singapore linked to any political activities? 

No, VietCham Singapore is a strictly apolitical organisation. Our Constitution specifically stipulates that VietCham will not indulge in any political activities or allow our funds and/or premises to be used for political purposes.