Dear VietCham’s members and friends,

On 21st December 2015, VietCham Singapore was officially incorporated as an independent, non-profit organisation in Singapore under the legal name of “VietCham (The Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce Ltd.)”. For the past few months, VietCham Singapore has grown steadily and is looking at accelerating the growth. VietCham Singapore is looking for a forward-thinking, driven and perceptive team members who can help us to fasten the growth and realise our ambition.

About VietCham Singapore

The Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (VietCham Singapore) is an independent, non-profit, apolitical business organisation with the vision of becoming a leading Vietnamese business organisation in Singapore. VietCham Singapore aims to promote the business interest of its members and facilitate bilateral commercial activity between Vietnam and Singapore, through the provision of useful and relevant information as well as networking opportunities for members and other interested parties. VietCham Singapore’s members include Vietnamese corporations, professionals and entrepreneurs based in Singapore as well as Singaporean companies and organisations with an economic interest in Vietnam. Over the past two years, VietCham Singapore has organised over 20 events and connected over 1,200 professionals and 70 companies across Singapore and Vietnam.

Opportunity to join VietCham Singapore Partnership & Membership Team

In preparation for the next stage of VietCham’s growth, we are looking for a volunteer to join our Partnership & Membership team. Together we will grow VietCham’s partners & members network, and build the first stable revenue stream for the organisation.

You will be working with a team of young & motivated Vietnamese professionals in Singapore with entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Job scope


    • Attract companies & individuals to join VietCham Singapore paid-membership program. Build the first stable revenue stream for VietCham.
    • Develop partnerships with other organisations and trade associations
  • Skills & requirements
    • Entrepreneurial. Self-motivated.
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Interested in Sales & Business Development. Motivated to grow a business.
    • Sales experience is a plus


  • Benefits


    • VietCham is a young and dynamic organisation. You will have the opportunity to be part of the team that shape the organisation’s culture and make a personal and meaningful impact to its growth
    • Horn your sales and interpersonal skills, and learn valuable lessons along the way
    • Work with an exco team of young, fun & talented Vietnamese from different industries
    • Network with big corporates & successful startups in Singapore & Vietnam


Opportunity to join VietCham Singapore IT Team

In preparation for the next step of VietCham Singapore’s development, we are looking for a volunteering IT Engineer to be involved with our organization and to help revamping our website, as well as using IT to leverage other business functions.

You will be working with a team of young & motivated Vietnamese professionals in Singapore with entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Skills & requirements
    • Entrepreneurial & Self-motivated
    • Eager to learn
    • Good logical thinking
    • Basic programming & technical evaluation skills
    • HTML/PHP/WordPress skill is a plus
  • Job scope
    •  Participate in revamping Website
    • Participate in designing and implementing centralized and digitalized systems
  • Benefits
    • Opportunity to work in an active & professional non-profit environment
    • New technology exposure & plentiful rooms for innovation and problem solvings
    • Mentorship and support from senior members in VietCham
    • Networking opportunities with working professionals and company representatives in Vietnam and Singapore
    • Opportunities to be introduced to startups in Vietnam and Singapore

TO APPLY:  Please kindly submit your resume to Daniel Su (, also include a short introduction about yourself and why you’d make a good fit for the position